Course Summary

The Launch Pad

The only beginner business course you’ll need to take that will walk you through choosing the right tech and creating a marketing strategy that makes you money on autopilot.  You'll learn everything you need to creat your first offer and sell online in a way that feels good to you! 

See you inside the Launch Pad!

The Launch Pad Lesson #1 - Map out the Offer .mp4
Map out the Offer
The Launch Pad Week #2: The Tech Set Up .mp4
The Tech Setup
The Launch Pad  Lesson #3 - Sharing Your Message.mp4
Sharing Your Message
The Launch Pad Lesson #4 - Building Your Audience .mp4
Building Your Audience
The Launch Pad Lesson #5 - Creating Your Launch Plan .mp4
Creating Your Launch Plan
The Launch Pad Lesson #6 - The Client Onboarding Process .mp4
The Client Onboarding Process